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16 Jun 2020

Ruta de Tapas del Mar “Sabores GRAO”

El Grao de Castelló is a HEALTHY destination and a jewel of our gastronomy. The largest gastronomic / popular event in the city, arrives at GRAO de CASTELLÓ from July 27 to August 16. ——- Tapas de Mar Festival CHECK THE TAPAS GRAU 2020 GUIDE HERE 🦀🐟🐠🦑🐙🍻

19 May 2020


FROM 26 JUNE TO 26 JULY THE GRAU DE CASTELLÓ WILL HOST THE VIEDITION OF THESE DELICIOUS GASTRONOMIC DAYS Castelló de la Plana already has prepared a wide tourist offer of the most attractive to know the city this summer as a couple, with family or with friends. And it does so by reviving one of its great attractions: gastronomy. Thus, coinciding with the summer start – and adapted to the requirements of the pandemic – the Grau will again […]

17 Oct 2019

IX Jornada gastronómica del Arroz a Banda

From October 18 to November 17 at the Grau de Castelló. Participating restaurants: Casa Santiago, La Trocha, Nou Escull, Casa Lola, La Ola, Brisamar, Casa Juanito, Tasca del Puerto, La Ballena, Mediterráneo, Ri & Co Bistró, Restaurante Hotel del Golf Azahar. Check the menus here

25 Oct 2018

Tapas Flavors Castellón 2018

Local cuisine tapas route The Tapas Route FLAVORS CASTELLÓN celebrates its EIGHTH Edition, consolidating itself as the largest gastronomic and popular event of our city. The selected premises offer two tapas to the public, based on our customs, traditions and culinary culture. How does it work? Request your TAPAPORTE FLAVORS at any of the participating locations on the Route. With each TAPA you will be entitled to ONLY a stamp of the place where you have consumed, which will be […]

07 Jun 2018

The wines are for summer

The wines are for summer Next Thursday, June 14, a sample of wines organized by Vindicas will take place in the Gardens of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Grao de Castellón. In this sample you can taste wines from new vintages and news from several wineries throughout Spain. In the sample there will be a selection of red, white and rosé wines that represent a sample of the offer of the wineries selected for this summer. The wine […]

23 May 2018

Route of Tapas Sabores of the Grao

Route of Tapas Sabores of the Grao Fifteen bars, cafes and restaurants of the Grao of Castellón participate from May 24 to June 10 in the Route of Tapas Sabor of the Grao. Each of the participating establishments will propose two tapas, made with local products and at a popular price. Each tapa will cost 3 euros, including drinks and can be enjoyed at the premises of the Castellón fishing district. The people who enjoy the proposed tapas will be […]

21 May 2018

Fair of the Vermut of Castellón

Fair of the Vermut of Castellón On May 25, 26 and 27 the cultural center of La Bohemia will host the Vermut Fair of Castellón, an event in which you can enjoy several vermuts made by wineries from various points of the Spanish geography and a snack supplement. The participating wineries are Carmeleta, Baronía de Turís, La Madre del Vermut and Bodega Teulada. The price of each drink will be 2.5 euros, and can be exchanged for both a vermut […]

10 May 2018

IV Gastronomic days of the octopus and cuttlefish of the Grao de Castellón

IV Gastronomic days of the octopus and cuttlefish of the Grao de Castellón Several restaurants of the Grao de Castellón participate in the IV Gastronomic Days of octopus and cuttlefish of the Grao de Castellón, which will have a leading role in the proposed menus. The participating restaurants are: Brisamar, Casa Juanito, Casa Lola, Casa Santiago, El Rincón de Ortega, Golf Azahar Restaurant, La Ballena, La Ola, La Trocha, Mediterranean, Nou Escull, Ri & Co Bistro and Tasca del Puerto. […]

23 Apr 2018

1st edition of the “Arrocito de Castelló” International Competition

1st edition of the “Arrocito de Castelló” International Competition The Municipal Tourist Board of Castellón, announces the “1st Edition of the International Contest of Arrocito de Castelló” with the aim of promoting the city and putting into value, one of the most typical dishes of its cuisine. You can register in two ways, via PDF or online. PDF ONLINE * If you choose to register the PDF option, you must send this registration to tecnico@castellonturismo.com COMPETITION RULES

14 Mar 2018

Fair of the rices of Castellón

Fair of the rices of Castellón Castellón celebrates the Rice Fair, in the space of the Santa Clara square reserved for the Gastronomic Market of Castellón. Several establishments in the city will offer visitors their specialties in rice from March 16 to 19. The rices of Castellón to enjoy in the center of the city and with the presence of some of the best rated restaurants in the capital of La Plana.The schedule of the Fair of the rices of […]

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