The City

Everything is close in Castelló. In our city the smell of the orange still fills the streets. The orchards are still the most immediate vicinity.

The city, which is the capital of the region of Plana Alta, retains that calmed and friendly character of the hard-working places. In this city, of about 180,000 inhabitants, three main parts can be distinguished: the historic central center, the new modern neighbourhoods and, next to the coastline, the Grau also referred as the port.

In the most central part, cultural and commercial life – completely Mediterranean – allows you to see a cheerful and lively city. The historic center, where we can perceive the shape of Roman camp, has the most significant historical ensembles and museums. This primitive nucleus was born on the ancient arabic farmhouses after the founding population permission given by Jaime I in the thirteenth century. Cultural and sports facilities have been created in the residential suburbs. Finally, by the sea, is the Grau district, where life related to all sea activities and our magnificent beaches is concentrated.

Castelló’s urban complex is only understood if we consider the modern, internationalist mentality of its inhabitants. Castelló has always had a continuous desire to be up to date; to be open to visitors. This is essentially what our city offers, in addition to a wide variety of attractions: sea, orchards, monuments, culture, mountains, festivals…

Our city is an example of quality of life. In Castelló, the visitor can enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate, a rich and varied gastronomy full of high quality products of proximity, excellent beaches, as well as a natural park a few kilometers from the coast (Desert of Las Palmas). All this without crowds that could hinder the enjoyment of your holiday vacations.

Plaça Major i el Fadrí

Town Hall


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