Night of San Juan

Bonfire of San Juan

On June 23rd, the beaches of Castellón’s coast are filled with light on the night of San Juan. This light comes from the bonfires lit by the people of Castellón to celebrate the summer solstice.

The fireworks displays and the “Encuentro de Bestias de Fuego” (“Encounter of the Fire Beasts”, a performance with actors and fire), along with different combinations of fire and music, dance and pyrotechnics, are represented by different characters and create a magical environment outdoors.

On this same day, a San Juan Cake (“coque”) contest takes place. Each contestant must prepare this tasty dessert according to the traditional recipe and the prizes are given to the winners.

From the beginning of the “Camí de la Plana”(a regional road) to the mouth of the Seco River, locals and visitors of Castellón get together have a sandwich supper and to enjoy the music being played. Monumental bonfires are lit while people enjoy the festivities and rituals of this night, music plays and fireworks explode.

Tonight’s celebration takes place at the Gurugú Beach and the Parque Litoral de Castelló.

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