Gurugú beach

La Playa de Gurugú is known as the section of Castellón’s coast which goes from the crossroads of El Camino de la Plana (and the mouth of the l’Obra channel) to the mouth of the Río Seco.

The beach flanks the highway between Castellón and Benicàssim. It is equipped with the maritime headquarters of the Círculo Mercantil e Industrial (a commercial and industrial society).

Behind the beach, there is a large piece of city land that is being utilized as an airfield and is home of the Aeroclub Castellón (Flying Club of Castellón). Beach-goers, in recent years, have been able to enjoy different recreational and activity centers that were installed in the sand and in summer, they use these facilities up to the wee hours of the morning. Length: 1000 meters

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