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Castellón is synonymous of cultural and leisure activities. We have great beaches to spend sunny and dream days in the summer, and where to enjoy pleasant walks in the winter at our maritime promenade. Visit the Grao, and enjoy a relaxing evening with your beloved ones and with the pleasant people who wander our streets.

Famous is our gastronomy where the careful detail and the differentiation are achieved with dedication and love for what we do. Our dishes are prepared with the finest ingredients, but above all with a single and matchless ingredient, with devotion to good taste.

And once the night had arrived, it will be yourself the one who decide if it is time to rest or to play into the wee hours. Castellón offers routes of travel quiet and lively for the younger ones. Enjoy the local cares, where you will be received as another one, since there are no visitors in Castellon but newcomers to a city open to everybody.

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