Urban Art and Architecture

At present, the city of Castellón is an open-air museum having around 200 works of art on the streets.

It is possible to enjoy a broad range of sculptures of different topics: customs, modernist, and countless historical works. The “Open-Air Museum” started in the 80s making the facades of the buildings coming to life.

The ceramics industry is one of the economic drivers of our province as reflected in a great diversity of uses: benches, murals and facades are some of the examples.

Concerning architecture, it is important to highlight the Gothic style predominant in Castelló, particularly, the “Mediterranean Gothic “achieving its maximum splendour in the XIV c. and in the first half of the VI c. The Town Hall, the tower bell called “El Fadrí” or the Santa María co-cathedral are some clear examples of this style.

The innovation and projection of a new architectonical concept leave in our city buildings of neoclassical and modernist style such as the Principal Theatre, the Old Casino or the Post Office.

Currently, we can refer to Castellón as a growing city in relation to industry, trade and tourism. Buildings like El Museu de Belles Arts (Fine Arts Museum), the Auditorium or the Impiva are the best representations of the architecture of the XXI c.

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