Serradal Beach

The Serradal Beachextends from the mouth of the Río Seco to the border of the municipality of Benicàssim. The boardwalk separates the beach from the highway that goes between El Grao and Benicàssim, which allows for an easy and safe access to the sand.

The most distinguishing element of this beach is that there is an area dedicated to the protection of the dunes, and where vegetation has been developed for the nesting of the Kentish Plover. The Dune Regeneration Plan was placed in action in 1990 and as a result there are now small mobile and semi permanent dunes. This environmental protection measure is compatible with the swimming areas, thanks to good signposting and to the public’s sensitivity. There are clearly marked paths that guide beach-goers between the plants and dunes to the sea. Length: 1.700 meter.

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