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16 Sep 2019

FeCStival 2019

On October 5, 2019 the seventh edition is celebrated and this is what you will find in it. Don’t forget to reserve the date this year and enjoy with your whole family. Check schedules and programming for the kids here. More information and ticket sales by clicking here. 

03 Dec 2018


DECEMBER SCHEDULE OF THE PLANETARIUM OF THE GRAO OF CASTELLÓN The Planetario de Castellón has a complete agenda of activities during the month of December, aimed at families and children. Various workshops and screenings at the dome of the Planetario will be available to astronomy and science enthusiasts. The first activity of the month is a workshop about the Columbretes Islands, where the assistants will make marine animals by using recycling materials. On December 9 there will be a workshop, […]

03 Dec 2018


CULTURAL AGENDA OF DECEMBER IN CASTELLÓN Castellón de la Plana offers a varied agenda of activities to enjoy the month of December. In December you can enjoy an intense list of cultural events that will fulfill the city with very interesting proposals. December is the month of Christmas and therefore the traditional celebration will be present in every cultural center of the city. Several Choirs will offer recitals in different places of the city in “Nadal de Corals”. In the […]

27 Nov 2018


GASTRONOMIC DAYS OF THE FIRA DE LA TARONJA 2018 The Fira de la Taronja, held in several squares in the city of Castellón will be the setting for the Gastronomic Days. The purpose of this fair is to promote the consumption of citrus fruits from the province of Castellón. There will be several activities for both adults and children to make the orange of Castellón known, as well as the products made from them. Children can enjoy activities such as […]

12 Nov 2018


3rd FAIR OF THE VINYL’S RECORDS HOTEL DEL GOLF PLAYA The Disc Fair of Hotel del Golf Playa will bring vinyl discs to the audience for the third year in a row. This year 2018 will take place on December 1 and 2 and will have exhibitors from Castellón, Valencia, Zaragoza, Madrid, Tortosa, Ciudad Real, England and France. In addition to the Vinyl Displays, this event will hold other activities, like round tables, exhibitions of reproductions of vinyl covers, presentations […]

29 Oct 2018

Dark Matter Day in the Planetarium

Dark Matter Day in the Planetarium On October 31, the world celebrates the historical search for the occult, something scientists call dark matter. To celebrate the Dark Matter Day, global, regional and local events have been planned for that date by institutions and individuals that seek to involve the public in discussions about what we already know about dark matter and the many current and planned experiments that seek to solve their mysteries. . All this can be consulted in […]

10 Oct 2018

History of the bicycle in the Castellón Planetarium

History of the bicycle in the Castellón Planetarium The Planetarium of Castellón presents several temporary exhibitions throughout the year and the month of October has scheduled an interesting exhibition that shows the history of the bicycle from its origins to the present. “History of the bicycle” offers the possibility of seeing some of those first historical bicycles and checking how they have evolved over time to reach the most current models. The exhibition will be open from October 2 until […]

01 Oct 2018

FeCStival 2018

FeCStival 2018 The FeCStival returns to the Rafalafena Park and will have another year with several groups, both local and provincial groups and national groups, who will arrive to offer concerts for all. Access to Rafalafena Park will be through the door of Pintor Carbó Street, the closest to the Tombatossals roundabout. The FeCStival will open the doors at 11 a.m. and end at 2:00 a.m. Admission of adults is 10 euros, while children over 3 years pay an entrance […]

24 Sep 2018

Crazy Cross Castellón

Crazy Cross Castellón Next September 30, the Crazy Cross race will take place in the Grao de Castellón. This race is not competitive and consists of a circuit of two kilometers full of inflatable obstacles, which has to be given two laps. The Crazy Cross race is organized by the municipality of Castellón with the collaboration of the Port Authority of Castellón. The Crazy Cross is made with a costume, which will let you know the winner of the most […]

19 Sep 2018

MUT! Festival

MUT! Festival The third edition of the MUT! (International Festival of Performing Arts without text) will arrive in Castellón on September 28, 29 and 30 with a great cultural offer reinforced. This third edition of the MUT! It has more shows and activities. In the MUT! Festival will involve 13 companies arriving from France, Belgium, England, Italy and Denmark, as well as several Spanish groups of recognized prestige. In total there will be 23 shows that can be enjoyed during […]