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20 Aug 2018

5th 10K Nocturne Grao of Castellón

5th 10K Nocturne Grao de Castelló The next day of September 15 will be held the fifth edition of the night test of the 10K of the Grao de Castellón. The test is organized by C.D. Runner’s Home, in collaboration with the collaboration of the City Council of Castellón, Tenure of the Mayor’s Office of Grao, Sports Board, the Provincial Council of Castellón, the newspaper Mediterráneo, Panhevi, the Grao Runners athletics club and various private entities. In this popular event […]

08 Feb 2018

XXXIX Cross City of Castellón

XXXIX Cross City of Castellón Next Sunday, February 11, 2018 will be held in the Pinar of the Grao, the XXXIX edition of the Cross City of Castellón. The test will be held in the Pinar of the Grao of Castellón, on Ferrandis Salvador avenue of the Grao of Castellón. It is the oldest race in the regional calendar and the most editions in the national count. This year the test will be qualifying for the Spanish Championship, as well […]