What to do with children

Castellón hides many surprises for grown ups and for little ones. The town has a great deal of activities to enjoy with children.

Castellón parks are ideal places to take them and have a great time outdoors. There are plenty of open spaces, with playgrounds where kids can run, jump and live loads of adventures in the open air.

The Planetarium in the Grao of Castellón is a perfect place where kids can discover science, learning through exhibitions where they are allowed to touch and experiment or through projections that will let their imagination run free. They can also discover and learn about the Columbretes Islands because in the Planetarium you can also visit the Interpretive Centre of the Natural Park.

In summer plenty of activities and workshops take place on the beaches of Castellón where children can have fun whilst playing in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Libraries are set up by the beach too and many leisure events are organised for the young ones.

The Magdalena festival is also an important date for children. They can enjoy many activities and events taking place during the festival where kids play a central role. Some examples are: El Coso Multicolor and the festival of street theatre and circus. Many hours of fun will await your children during their visit to Castellón.

Agenda Con niños

March 2017

March 21. Down Syndrome Day Castellón

El día 21 de marzo, en las fiestas de la #magdalena os esperamos en la...
July 2016

Summer in the Planetarium.

Children will enjoy this summer the Planetarium and all the activities that it offers.
May 2016

“Sentim els parcs” may

Sunday, May 8th  Square “Grupo Reyes” to 11:00 until 14:00 hours. Handball. Organize: “Club...

Freddy Varó: “The strength of magic”.

Friday, May 6th. Freddy Varó: “The strength of magic”. Cycle “Hucha Mágica”. Assembly Halls,...
April 2016

Street Market Handcrafted

Comes a very special date and from here, we want to encourage you to...

“Las maletas de Mi-Mi”, by Troupe Malabó

Friday, April 29th, 18:30. Room “San Miguel”, Caja Castellón Foundation (Enmedio street, 17). Free...