University: The garden of the senses

The tour of the garden of the senses is proposed, from a reception area, which overlooks the entrance to the campus, as a walk through the different ways of perceiving the vegetable world through our senses with the intention to exacerbate them.

This vegetable composition is integrated into a general exhibition idea that supports all public University and as a central axis, connecting the various buildings of the campus trying to make sense of the whole. Travel can be done through different alternatives of roads that they find, in a sense, and in another, and give rise to an ambiguous and fragmentary system space, so flees travel only and monotonous, and allows both the meeting and relationship among the students of the campus, and that every person can find their own route of walk or choose a different location according to your preference or mood.

Among their spots, the visitor can find “Coffee of the senses”, coffee shops that are located along the route of the garden of the senses, and where Besides enjoying the landscape drink and chatting quietly with friends, can delight your ears with the various concerts that are held in them.

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