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04 Jan 2018

XII Meeting of Domestic Animals “Sant Antoni del Porquet”

XII MEETING OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS “Sant Antoni del Porquet” 17:00-18:00 H Location of animals. Workshops and tasting. With the participation of “Vaca de Vacarisses, the “Peix de Bellmunt del Penedès”, “Lilith and Nemrod” of Barcelona, “els Cabuts de l’Antifaç” and “L’Alfama “of Castellón Workshops for “El Mussol” Animation and events. Tasting. In front of Casal Jove. 18:15 H Workshops. Tamborada infernal, tasting and dances “dels Cabuts”. Continuation of the workshops. Dance “dels Cabuts de l’Antifaç”. Tamborada with the participation of […]