The beaches are certainly the most popular destination in Castellón. In fact on the beach is where you can find most of the activities on offer. The mild weather means that you can enjoy all these different activities throughout the year, not only in summer.

One of the most exciting experience is to visit the Columbretes Islands, a nature reserve of indisputable pure beauty. To visit you need to contact one of the companies specialising in day trips to the islands. You can also stop by the Interpretive Centre (situated by the Planetarium) to plan your trip. It will be an unforgettable day out to enjoy alone, with your family or with friends.

The beaches of the capital of La Plana offer you a range of water sports such as diving or jet skiing. If you practice diving you will enjoy the beauty that lies beneath the sea, while if you opt for watercraft you will enjoy the sea from above. Last but not least you can rent boats, attend navigation courses or experience a diving baptism.

We highly recommend you get information about all the options available on the seaside and to enjoy the thrill of doing activities you have never experienced before.

Activities at sea

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