Pinar Park

In its origins, the Pinar belonged to the count of Trastamara, until the 14th century, when the municipality decided to buy it. Throughout the middle ages, this was the main source of wood for firewood or for the construction of barracks. Although its significant reduction was one of the causes of this activity ended by settled shortly afterwards. Originally it had an area of 200 hectares, and today has about two kilometers in length, surrounded by fences for your protection.

This place is one of the most valued for certain cultural and social activities.

The species par excellence is the pine trees, hence their name, although no less important are the shrubs that live under them, as the lentiscopero we must not underestimate the many creatures that inhabit this place, as the Chipmunks, with their amazing adventures and beauty, migratory birds, who come to this place for being the ideal temperature to nest or Hibernatelike pigeons, hoopoes, goldfinches, owls or Guadarramas. You must not disregard the existence of certain types of mushrooms as the lepiota bbruneoincarnata (poisonous and even deadly) and Agaricus Bisporus (edible). Among the activities most notable that performed in the Park, we find competitions nationwide as the athletics and golf, since it is a field of golf, the realization of paellas and barbecues or simply strolling or jogging.

  • Total area: 121.295 m2
  • Garden area: 111.835 m2
  • Grass: 2.8452 m2
  • Shrubbery: 490 m2
  • Natural meadow:109.300 m2
  • Trees: 2.952
  • 7 species
  • Play zone: 2.000 m2
  • Pond: 1
  • Sources: 2
  • Aleppo pines: 1.957 ud.
  • Pinion pine: 500 ud.
  • Mastic: 170 ud.
  • Olivilla: 160 ud.
  • Buckthorn: 160 ud.
  • Black cottonwood: 4 ud.
  • Cypress. 1 ud.
  • Banks: 40
  • Picnic tables: 50
  • Sports areas:2


Monday to Friday


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