Grao – Maritime District of Castellón

Grao - Maritime District of Castellón

The maritime district of Castellón de la Plana, The Grao, implies the door to the sea and it is only four kilometers far from the city center. There are two main lanes through you can access to this place: the Mar Avenue and Hermanos Bou Avenue. Both of them count with a cycle lane or a route that allows accessing to this attractive maritime center walking or by bike.

The Mar Square stands out due to the fact that is the meeting point of the people of Castellón, “graueros” and visitors. It could be said that it is the neuralgic point of the Grao, altogether with the Real Club Náutico, the inner harbors of the fishing and the commercial harbors. Restaurants, stores, pubs, cinemas and hotels are gathered near to this square.

The fishing and commercial port and the Nautical Club shape our option of leisure in seaworthy questions. From here they divide some of the ships that allow to realize excursions to the Islands Columbretes, or routes to know the coast. And, certainly, if we want to know thoroughly the from Castellón gastronomy, it is in this maritime district where we will be able to taste the flavors of the sea.

Fished as the golden one, the tuna or the sea bass cooked to the plate, to the back, in his sauce or to the salt they are worthy delicacies of the best palate.

And for sea’s lovers, nothing better that more than eight kilometers of beach located between the Grao and Benicassim, most of them award-winners with blue flag some years ago. Near to the Grao it can be found a curiosity, the beach known as El Serradal which houses a micro reserve of the Kentish Plover and plenty of vegetation in its dunes zone.


And concerning lids, the small squids, the rock mussels (to the steam), the clams or the kinds of anchovy are a good option.

It they cannot also be absent the great variety of typical rices of this zone (paella, rice to band, weak, …) and the fideuà realized with dry noodle that is cooked in broth of fish and which has a preparation similar to the paella.

Next to the Grao you can find the Pine Forest of Castellón de la Plana. A little bit more than 370.000 square meters of pines which are perfect to relax. It contains childish attractions, sportive facilities, picnic and games zone and a golf field. Next to the Pine Forest you can find the Planetarium.


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