Castellón Beaches

Visitors to Castellón can spend an enjoyable day on any of the three beaches in the coastal district of el Grao. The outstanding quality of their waters, superb facilities and proximity to the city make these three beaches havens of relaxation an ideal leisure option for visitors eager to explore the delights of this city.

Columbretes Islands

The Columbretes may be small, but in terms of their ecological interest, they are the most important in the Mediterranean. They are made up of a series of islets and rocks of volcanic origin lying 30 miles off the coast of Castellón. They form 4 groups, named after the largest island in each: L' Illa Grossa, Ferrera, Forada and Carallot.

Castellón, step-step

The city was founded in the mid 13th century when King James I granted royal permission for the settlement perched on the top of La Magdalena Hill to move down to the plains. This move gave rise to the founding of Castellón de la Plana, an event which is commemorated each year during la Magdalena Festivities.

Castellón Monument

A calm walk through the city, and also surroundings, is the best way to know its charms. Places which, like Castellón, have the distinction of being small in size, offer the traveler the advantage of a clear idea of what is their territory. And so, there is nothing better than walking on its streets and contemplate all the monuments it has.