Park Shore

Park shore

The Mediterranean sand dunes and forest, enable the Castellón provide a natural space for leisure and recreation. The ambitious project presents a walk along the 1,800 m of beach that is achieved to bring sea to passers-by and swimmers.

Topography becomes the key element to the landscape objectives of the park coastline. Through different elevations and slopes is to recreate the dunes features Valencia beaches, at the same time serving to establish the route of the ride the relief. These dunes protect inland marine wind woodland, and formed the green areas. There will be two types of dunes, the formed by sand on the beach, which will reach the 2.5 m in height; and the interiors, topsoil, whose function is to hide the parking area and redirect pedestrian access to the beach. The passer-by who stroll the beach can feel exotic images of palms, trees and vegetation of the dunes, which are alternated with beautiful views to the sea.

Contrary to what one might think, the park coastline not bicker with the urban utility, or limit the amenities of the beach users. Car parks, will be increased to about 680 jobs. Also are some excellent Comms of public transport, which are being reinforced in the summer season.


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