Meridian Park

Meridian Park

It appears on maps, and however, many residents don't know Castellón is passage of the Greenwich Meridian and parallel 40 city.

Between 1792 and 1804 Castellón was decisive in establishing the extent of the meridian and different experts came to set up the coordinates.

The famous mathematician and astronomer Pierre Francois Méchain moved to Castellón in order to enhance the accuracy of the Paris meridian. He settled in the capital of La Plana to try to resolve the controversy surrounding the time and location of the meridian. Unfortunately he died of yellow fever on the 20th September 1804.

As the meridian crosses and converges with the 40th parallel line in Castellón, the town began the procedure to gain the correct recognition in 1988.

Finally in 1988, after all the measurements had been done, the Geographic and Land Registry Institute of Spain in collaboration with the Castellón City Council built a monolith to indicate the convergence of the two lines. The Meridian Park was built around that spot, it is now an symbolic site of the city and an area of great beauty.

From 1991 until today the Meridian Park has been improved in order to make it neater and cleaner. Between 1999 and 2003 the first central path through the park was established. Later on a second wider path was added. Nowadays the park has an area of 10.780 m2.

Inside the park you can visit the Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption. It was built in 2006 and was the first building of its kind to be built since 1947 in the province of Castellón. Inside the chapel Masses or any other liturgical acts can be celebrated, always with previous authorisation. Inside the chapel you can see representations of Our Lady of the Assumption, Saint Anthony and the Lidón Virgin.

Throughout the year plenty of activities are organised by the City Council of Castellón and the Park Neighbourhood Association. Such events promote the area and attract visitors to this important site. Significant events held in the park are:

  • Saint Anthony celebration.
  • The Virgin of August celebration.
  • A cycling race in September
  • A running race in October
Town hall paper


In order to publicize among the citizens of Castellón this representative point of the city, the Association of neighbors of the Park of the Meridian intends, among other projects, beautifying the area, install a sundial, create a classroom air free to show the flora and fauna of the Park of the Meridian and develop an Ethnological Museum in the adjacent booth.

Create an aquarium with different species in extinction of the Marjaleria, expand the area encompassing the Park and enable a venue to hold meetings and organize activities are other projects of the Association of neighbors of the Park of the Meridian.