Mails And Telegraphs

Mails And Telegraphs

It is an administrative building built in the year 1932, designed by the architects Demetrio Ribes Marco and Joaquín Dicenta Vilaplana. It is located in a strategic point of the urban framework of Castellón, with Jaime I avenue to the south and Tetuan square to the north. Its implementation as free building is reinforced by a volume of three floors with four rounded corners that produces an image very unified and great strength.

The initiative of the post office building of Castellón is part of a statewide program of 1909, which were meant to provide a new building for this activity to each of the provincial capitals.

Brick, ceramics and glass are the main elements of the facades of this construction, which reminds of the Muslim tradition.

Plaza Tetuán 41
12001 Castellón

tel.: +34 964 22 34 63
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