Tapas Flavors Castellón 2018


Local cuisine tapas route

The Tapas Route FLAVORS CASTELLÓN celebrates its EIGHTH Edition, consolidating itself as the largest gastronomic and popular event of our city. The selected premises offer two tapas to the public, based on our customs, traditions and culinary culture.

How does it work?

Request your TAPAPORTE FLAVORS at any of the participating locations on the Route. With each TAPA you will be entitled to ONLY a stamp of the place where you have consumed, which will be stamped on your TAPAPORTE FLAVORS.

Taste in at least four different places and collect your stamps in any of the TAPAPORTES that we put at your disposal. Once achieved, vote any of the 116 tapas indicating the number of the premises, from 01 to 58, and your favorite tapa, nº1 or nº2 of that local.

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