Holy Week with children

“Rock&Play in the Littoral”



Place: Beach of Pinar, opposite to the hamburger shop Pingüins.
12 h. Participative games with the Ludoneta.
12’30 h. Concert of rock with the Criptozoos.
17 h. Participative games with the Ludoneta.
19 h. The Show.
20 h. Concert with Ramonets.



Place: Beach of Pinar, opposite to the Restaurante Puerto Playa  y la Ola.
12 h. Familiar Olympics.
18 h. Participative games with the Ludoneta.

The Ludoneta: The game does not have age, is peace, universal and intercultural, brings over the generations and produces social and familiar cohesion. And especially, it is enterteining. The Ludoneta is focused on the persons’ participation of all the ages and with methodology based on the free game, with: stilts, vertical golf, hula hoops, fishes, rings, balls dancers, puzzle of numbers, hockey of table, boards to do, billiards, games in paellas and many more.

The Show: …and we continue playing. But this time with a game of the giant goose. Between all, we begin the given giant and overcome tests to continue advancing. We will dance, will jump, will play and will amuse ourselves, led by an entertainer who in every stop of the card, will propose a new challenge. For all the ages.

Familiar Olympics: they are directed the participation of pairs in 9 original and adaptable tests the skills of everyone. This way, the participants will be able to try to bring a glass with water in a scooter of a point to other one, to do a drawing with the foot (or alternative with the opposite hand), to fit marbles into a few paellas, to solve a puzzle, to succeed of backs in a basket with a ball, or to cross a few meters to three feet. The tour has an approximate duration of 45 minutes as pair and several pairs can take part simultaneously, coming to a total capacity in this activity of approximately 180 users.