RECLAM 2017. XXV Theater Show


RECLAM 2017. XXV Theater Show

The theater show “Reclam” this year reaches its twenty-fifth edition with the objectives that have always characterized it, the variety and commitment to the scenic proposals that move the public of the Castellón regions to reflection. The exhibition will begin on November 2 and will continue until December 3 with a broad and careful program.

The performing arts will be the meeting space in which, during the month of November, with a consolidated cultural program in which the Universitat Jaume I participates, many town halls, the Provincial Council, the Caja Castelló Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Culture, technical staff from all participating institutions work to bring the best of stage creation to the public.

In the 2017 edition, the towns Almassora, Benicarló, Benicàssim, Betxí, Borriana, Castelló de la Plana, Onda, Orpesa, the Vall d’Uixó, Vilafranca, Vila-real, Vinaròs, the Diputación de Castelló and the Fundación Caja Castelló will participate, all as his shows. This year the population of Orpesa has been incorporated through its Youth Council.

During the exhibition more than 50 performances will be offered, proposals that include contents of current social issues that we have to live everyday, visions of the world from fiction that help us to understand reality.

In the organization we have worked to bring this twenty-fifth edition and the result is a program that accommodates a wide range of public. It is well known that the Reclam is a benchmark of quality beyond our regions, a cultural event that is cited annually with the public as a way to be at the end of the street of the evolution of the current performing arts.

In short, some shows exhibitions designed from the diversity and avoiding the vision of understanding culture as a market product and consumption that tends to the chromatic unity of thought.


  • Thursday 2.
    • Theater “Oh Vino” (previous) 20:00H Paranimf
  • Friday 3.
    • Theater “Resaca” (inaguration) 20:00H Paranimf
    • Theater “La mejor cancion del mundo…” 22:30H Vinaroz
  • Saturday 4.
    • Theater “La onironauta” 20:30H Vila-Real
    • Theater “En el jardin” 20:30H Benicarlo
    • Theater “In memoriam, la quinta del biberó” 20:30H Castellón de la Plana
  • Sunday 5.
    • Theater “Les aventures de T.Sawyer” 12:00H Vila-Real
    • Music “Records de viatge” 19:30H Vila-Real
  • Tuesday 7.
    • Theater “A voz en cuello” 20:00H Castellón de la Plana
  • Webnesday 8.
    • Dance “Naufragio universal” 19:00H Castellón de la Plana
  • Thursday 9.
    • Theater “Palabras de Miguel” 19:00H La Vall de Uixo
    • Dance “Estudio 3: miradas” 18:30H y 20:00h Castllon de la Plana
  • Friday 10.
    • Music “The Primitals” 20:00H Paranimf
    • Theater. Spaña 22.30 h. ALMAZORA
  • Saturday. 11.
    • Music. La Trocamba Matanusca 18 h ALMASSORA
    • Theater. No som ningú 19 h. ONDA
    • Theater. Palabras de Miguel 19 h. VILAFRANCA
    • Theater. Eroski Paraíso 20.30 h. VILA-REAL
  • Sunday. 12.
    • Theater. Screen Man 18.30 h. VILAFRANCA
    • Theater. Tanatorium, la sola muerte espera 19 h. LA VALL DE UIXÓ
    • Theater. Palabras de Miguel 17 h. ORPESA
  • Tuesday. 14.
    • Theater. El fandango de Marx 20 h. CASTELLÓN DE LA PLANA
  • Thursday. 16.
    • Theater. Palabras de Miguel 10 h. ALMAZORA
  • Friday. 17.
    • Theater. El lunar de Lady Chatterley 20 h. PARANIMF
    • Theater. Xavi Castillo News! 22.30 h. ONDA
  • Saturday. 18.
    • Circus. La banda del otro 18 h. ALMAZORA
    • Theater. Palabras de Miguel 19 h. ONDA
    • Theater. Un tret al cap 20.30 h. CASTELLÓN DE LA PLANA
  • Sunday. 19.
    • Theater. La cine-maleta ambulante 18 h. BORRIANA
    • Theater. Palabras de Miguel 18.30 h. BETXÍ
    • Theater. La cantant calba al McDonald’s 20 h. CASTELLÓN DE LA PLANA
  • Tuesday. 21.
    • Theater. De algún tiempo a esta parte 20 h. CASTELLÓ DE LA PLANA
  • Friday. 24.
    • Dance. Dancing with frogs 20 h. PARANIMF
    • Teatre. Fairfly 22.30 h. LA VALL DE UIXÓ
  • Saturday. 25.
    • Music. Presentación Benicassim.pop Vol.4 Ellas 12 h. BENICASSIM
    • Theater. Opus 1 – Blancs 17 i 18.30 h. BENICASSIM
    • Teatre. Distancia siete minutos 19 h. BETXÍ
    • Music. Los hijos de la montaña. 20 h. PARANIMF
    • Theater. Les solidàries 20.30 h. VILA-REAL
  • Sunday. 26.
    • Theater. Hotot 17 h. ORPESA
    • Theater. Tocatico Tocatà (Carles Santos per a nadons!) 19 h. LA VALL DE UIXÓ
  • Tuesday. 28.
    • Theater. El acto más hermoso del mundo 19.30 h. CASTELLÓN DE LA PLANA
    • Theater. Palabras de Miguel 22.30 h. VINAROZ
  • Thursday. 30.
    • Theater. Palabras de Miguel 10 h. BENICASSIM
    • Theater. Palabras de Miguel 21 h. BENICARLÓ



  • Friday. 1.
    • Theater. Iván y los perros 20 h. PARANIMF
  • Saturday. 2.
    • Theater. Oskara 20.30 h. CASTELLÓ DE LA PLANA
    • Theater. Sofía 20.30 h. VILA-REAL
  • Sunday. 3.
    • Circus. Rhümia (closing) 19 h. BENICÀSSIM