“Las maletas de Mi-Mi”, by Troupe Malabó

Friday, April 29th, 18:30.

Room “San Miguel”, Caja Castellón Foundation (Enmedio street, 17).

Free entrance (until full capacity).

CUENTACUENTAHUCHA, theater and puppets for children in Caja Castellón Foundation.

Show 45 minutes.

Mi-Mi and Do-Re are two nice and cute sheep that show us next Friday in Caja Castellón Foundation their world of dreams through their suitcases. A work in which be involved all the senses, where music will mark a path of tenderness and poetry.

Is a work with heavy burden visual poetry, look simple and seductive beauty for the public, especially the most little ones: 1 to 5 years. Because of the characteristics of the show, and exceptionally children under 4 years can enter into the room with an adult, and occupy seats enabled by Caja Castellón for them at the end of the hall, to not obstruct the view to the rest of the child public.

The show has a scenography based on bright colors and simples shapes, included in a central tree, multiple geometric modules and balloons with light. Children can watch the show closely, sitting on an area of grass.

Creativity and imagination have place, base for intellectual developing; humor, concentration, participation, rhythm, listen, taste for aesthetics and spatial perception. The show wants to interact with public, creating bonds of friendship and also with players of story, thanks to proximity. For this reason the show searches that the public be as close as possible to the scene. The theatre along with music and other artistic varieties, develop their cognitive abilities, in this first process of their learning, so important for a good personal development.

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