Casal Jove


Architects: Ferran Calduch Ortega/ Carles Escura Brau/ Cales Martin Gonzalez/ Jaume Sanahuja Rochera

The Casal Jove is a municipal centre for young people, situated in the Grao. Free courses, exhibitions and workshops are held in the civic centre throughout the year and they are organised by the City Council. Its facilities can be also used by youth associations or groups from Castellón that are willing to organise different activities.

The building dates from the beginning of the 90s and is a vanguard structure typical of the Valencian architecture of the 80s. It was made with a more free interpretation of the modern movement (following Le Corbusier, Richard Neutra, Mies Van der Rohe and more contemporary architects like Ll Gay, E. Miralles, C. Pinós)./p>

The main structure of the building is higher than the rest. This block is attached to the glass smaller structure below and the passageway obliquely. The building has an interesting set of walls, horizontal lines (roof shades and steps), plates with bright colours, glazed surfaces, structural profiles and handrails. All these volumes and lines blend harmoniously with the surrounding and the square which is right in front of it. Casal Jove is basically a contemporary building where its plain lines seem simple and light but hides a deep relationship with its surroundings.

Monday to Friday
De 9:00 a 14:00 horas
y de 17:00 a 21:00 horas.
Check timetables on holidays and vacations periods.

Avenida del Puerto s/n
Tel: 964 282 122


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