Graffiti exhibition and much more in contest “Art Urbá Jove”

Exhibition of graffiti and much more in contest Art Urbá Jove

Graffiti exhibition  and much more in contest “Art Urbá Jove”

The Councilman of the City of Castellón, presented on December 21 the contest “Art Urbà Jove”, which will take place next Saturday, November 25 at the Casal Jove del Grao.

The contest will have as main theme graffiti featuring the well-known “youtuber” Keyblade, apart from artist exhibitions, BTT / BMX, syreet and skate, urban dance classes, live music, lectures, Graffiti workshops and a lot of activities more spread throughout the day.

These are all activities scheduled for day 25:

  • 9:00H – 14:00H: Graffiti exhibition.
  • 10:00H – 12:00H: Graffiti workshop. Morning group (limited places, previous pre-registration *)
  • 10:00H – 14:00H: Putting music to your rights. Pineo – Red Cross Youth Project.
  • 12:00H – 12:30H: Documentary screening of hip hop culture “Hip hop Génesis Castellón” by Borja Bulat.
  • 12:00H: Dance show adding music to your rights. Pineo – Red Cross Youth Project.
  • 12:45H – 13:45H: Graffiti lecture by HEMECE/BICHOS.
  • 16:00H – 20:00H: Graffiti exhibition.
  • 16:00H – 18:00H: Graffiti workshop. Late group (limited places, previous pre-registration *)
  • 16:30H – 17:30H: Masterclass of urban dance by PYC Dance School of Dance.
  • 17:00H – 20:00H: DJ Prophet session .
  • 17:30H – 18:00H:  BTT / BMX Riders exhibition: Mario Morata, Pau Granel and Sergio Lecha.
  • 18:00H – 18:30H: Skate exhibition by Jordán.
  • 18:30H – 18:45H: Project presentation “Art Urbà Jove”
  • 18:45H – 21:00H: “Youtuber” KEYBLADE.
  • 19:30H – 21:00H: Battle of roosters.

*Pre-registration: FREE graffiti workshop aimed at young people from 14 to 35 years old. Morning Group (20 places) and afternoon group (20 places).
Pre-registration deadline: From 9:00 h on November 20, 2017 until completing places. Face-to-face or telephone pre-registration at the Casal Jove del Grao in Castellón.
More information: Casal Jove Av. Del Puerto S / N 12100 Grao de Castellón Tel. 964 28 21 22 (Hours Monday to Friday from 9:00H. to 14:00H and 16:00H to 21:00H.)