The planetari launches a new online ticketing system

The Castellón Planetary has launched the online sales system to facilitate the acquisition of tickets for visitors. From now on those interested in attending the Planetary projections can buy their tickets on the website https://entrades.castello.es

This commitment to the sale of online tickets is included within the intention of the Planetary to bring knowledge to society in general, expanding knowledge and motivating interest in science with all activities carried out.


The Planetary, in addition, has expanded its offer by presenting new projections as well as traveling exhibitions that have aroused interest in Castellón and nei

ghboring provinces. For this reason, its informative activity brings together educational visits to schools, children’s workshops, screenings for the public and conferences and courses on astronomy and other sciences.

In addition, workshops aimed at children have been expanded. With afternoon hours on Saturdays and in the morning on Sundays, the family public has the opportunity to learn by having fun on Science, Astronomy, Planets, Researchers and all for free.