May cultural agenda in Castellón


May cultural agenda in Castellón

Castellón presents a complete agenda of activities and events during the month of May. Among the acts that stand out from the extensive cultural program highlights the celebration of the Nit de l’Art, in which several art galleries, cultural spaces and dozens of artists from various disciplines will offer a complete cultural agenda during the night of Friday May 11 .
You can also participate in L’Ham, the 3rd Week of Culture at Grao, which is held from 12 to 20 May. The appointment with the photography continues with IMAGINARIA and the month closes with the beginning of THE THIRD WEEK, the International Festival of Scenic Arts that will host the proposals of several international theater companies in various areas of the city. The agenda is completed with exhibitions, concerts, theatrical improvisation and much more.

You can check the Cultural Agenda for May at the following link:

Cultural guide of Castellón May 2018